Top 3 Need For Speed Games

by - July 03, 2018

Hello Guys, In today's article we gonna find out Top 3 games of Need for Speed franchise, make sure guys games I listed below are of my own choice, your choice can be different than me, I selected these games because of their unique gameplay experience, so without wasting the time let's get to the topic.

Number 3 - Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 

Release Date - 4th October 2010 

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is on number three because this game actually provided a different gameplay experience in Need for Speed franchise after many years, like its name the pursuits was really warm and just mind satisfying, it was fun to shoot EMP on cop cars and other racers, also the turbo was just fun, but the thing that I actually loved was dropping the spikes on the road to takedown cop cars and rivals.

Number 2 - Need For Speed Payback

Release Date - 10th November 2017

This time we are going to talk about the 23rd installment in Need for Speed franchise, yes that's Need for Speed Payback that was released last year with a boom, I said boom because it was more like Fast and Furious movie, also the graphics, storyline, and gameplay made this game even more fun.
The game was set in Fortune Valley with the open world game mechanics in simple words the game was just a good combination of gameplay and graphics, the story was neither good nor bad, it was just average.

Number - Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 

Release Date - 11th November 2005

Here we come to the most Legendary title in entire Need for Speed franchise from last 15 years, yes you heard it right that's Need for Speed Most Wanted, one of the best racing game ever created in this history of gaming, we called it a legendary title because this game was released before almost one and half decade and still holds the best gameplay, also the graphics still don't feel outdated, and the gameplay is still unique and fun.
I loved beating all the blacklisted racers and doing police pursuits, it just not me who loved this game even every other need for speed fan loved it and will select it as the best Need for Speed game ever created. 

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