Top 5 Games That You Should Play Once In Your Life

by - July 22, 2018

Hello People, welcome to the Players Vibe and today in this article we gonna talk about top 5 games that you should play once in your life if you really love gaming because these games are one of the top games that caught my attention for their gameplay and graphics, so let's begin to the topic.

1. Saints Row 4

Release Date - 20 August 2013

Well, you guys may think like why I mentioned Saints Row 4? Then make sure guys this is the most unique game I have played in recent years, the gameplay is just different from many open-world sandbox titles, I mean the setting, alien vehicles, superpowers, real-life vehicles, amazing weapons everything is kinda different and don't match with any other sandbox title.

If we talk about the graphics than the characters may look cartoonish but the rest things are just amazingly crafted.

2. Prince Of Persia Warrior Within

Release Date - 30 November 2004

Whenever I hear the word Prince of Persia a legendary game comes to my mind, yes that's Prince of Persia warrior within, but why a legendary title? Well guys the evolution of free fall fighting system started from Prince of Persia, creating combos and fighting the way you want all great stuff, also such an amazing story and gorgeous graphics in its time, I personally played this game 4-5 time on different difficulties, I would highly recommend you to play this game once, also make it sure that it is a trilogy so try rest two games "Sands Of Time" and "The Two Thrones" also

3. Tomb Raider Anniversary

Release Date - 1 June 2007

Tomb Raider is really a reputed franchise in the world of gaming, where the Tomb Raider Anniversary is known as the best tomb raider game till now, but why? Well if you love adventure, a long single player game, beautiful graphics, and amazing gameplay than go for tomb raider anniversary because in entire Franchise this is the best game ever created, I really loved killing big bears, dinosaur, jackals, solving puzzles and even more, it was such a great experience playing this game.

4. Splinter Cell Blacklist

Release Date -20 August 2013

So now we finally come to the king of stealth games, Blacklist is a third person action shooter by Ubisoft, I listed this game because of its stealth gameplay, I mean you have many ways to kill your enemies, shoot the lights and make it dark to hide from them, crouch and make it silent, take cover when you get hurt even more stuff to do, Also a great story and such amazing graphics, still many pc cannot run it on max settings.

5. Red Faction Armageddon 

Release Date - 7 June 2011

You may have seen many games with destructible environments? But did you ever saw any game where you can damage anything and build them again via reversing its own time? Well welcome to the Thq's Red Faction franchise where you can destroy and build things again, the story is not that great but the gameplay is just masterpiece, also the graphics are pretty good too, give it a try guys, also THQ released a remastered version Red Faction Armageddon.

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