What Is Overclocking And its effects ?

by - July 20, 2018


Overclocking is all about running your CPU / GPU / RAM / MOTHERBOARD on faster clock frequency than base or default frequency, in simple words overclocking can make your GPU / CPU / RAM / MOTHERBOARD run even faster than the manufacture preset with increasing their speed.

Okay let me show you an example, Mercedes made a truck that can carry 4 big boxes of any product but what if you got 5 boxes ? Well you'll overload it right ? That's what overclocking does, it actually helps when you need more power and speed in your computer system.

Overclocking = Power Up / Speed Up

How Does It Effect Your System ?

Just like overloading a vehicle can make it crash anytime, Overclocking can also damage your computer system via overheating it, so you better use good cooling system.

Unless you have overclocking compatible CPU don't even think to try it, because it can cause your CPU damage and void warranty.
Overclocking can also decrease your system's life span, so if you want your system go longer then don't do it.

Note :- Intel CPU with letter "K" in the end of model number can be overclocked

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