What's New In Just Cause 4 ?

by - July 01, 2018

"Release Date 4 December 2018"

Hello People, Welcome to the Players Vibe and today we are going to talk about the upcoming title Just Cause 4 in Just Cause franchise, shortly.

Recently, in E3 2018 Square Enix announced Just Cause 4 for PC, Xbox One and PS 4 with many changes from Wingsuit to Vehicles and Flying machines like Jets, Helicopters etc but the thing that actually caught my attention was monstrous Tornado, I mean that I have never seen such thing in any open world game expect Assassin's Creed Black Flag, In ACBF the tornados were limited to seas only and also they were not that insane like we have seen in the Just Cause 4's trailer, it was destroying things that were coming front on its way, that is insane, according to me, maybe this is happening for the first time like we are seeing Natural disaster in any Open World video game.

Also, the new Balloons are really awesome, with them you can make anything fly which is really fun to do, I have seen in many gameplay videos that you only have to put that device on the thing that you actually want to take off and it will start flying in a couple of seconds as soon as the device inflates the balloon type thing.

Graphics are even beautiful now, but the game color scheme looks like Just Cause 2 I mean it is not so colorful like Just Cause 3, it is because maybe this game in its Alpha stage, also some minor changes in Animations and Physics like Explosions, Driving and Freefall.

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