Why Asphalt 8 Is More Successful Than Asphalt 9 ?

by - July 04, 2018

Hello Guys, In our today's article we gonna talk about Asphalt 8, Also the reasons behind the most successful game from Gameloft studios and why it is more successful then Asphalt 9?

Wide Range of Availability

Well guys no doubt Asphalt 8 is more successful than Asphalt 9 because of its wide range of Availability, yes that is true that Asphalt 8 is available on more devices than Asphalt 9, Asphalt 9 is already released in iOS but even after 3- month there is no news about android and windows Availablity, But if we talk about Asphalt 8 than it was released on android and ios at same date and on windows one month later. 

Better Optimized

Asphalt 8 is nicely optimized to run even on potato specifications, with potato specifications I meant 1 GB ram devices in the year 2018 is most likely potato for many games but Asphalt 8 still holds the position in those devices, where Asphalt 9 is visually stunning and this is the only reason it needs high-end devices or os that is optimized so well to give you smoother experience even on higher visual preset and higher visual requires powerful hardware, ios devices are more powerful than many available Android devices, this is the only reason they released it first on ios devices. 

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