Why Fortnite Is So Popular ?

by - July 08, 2018

"Fortnite was released on July 25, 2017"

When someone spells Fortnite what actually comes to our mind? The king of free Battle Royale games, right? Well, guys today we'll find out that what actually made it so popular?

"Fortnite was developed by Epic Games studios"

I explained to you in 3 points below that why it is so popular.

Fortnite is Free, That's a good Point
To play Fortnite you don't even need to spend even a single penny, and this is a good reason why it is so popular among the players worldwide, not everyone can afford PUBG ( PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ) or other battle royale games, and for them, Fortnite is best option to choose, with afford I meant their costs are literally high. high and not everyone wants to spend this much money.

Perfectly Optimized

Besides it is free, Fortnite's optimization is nice too, I mean if you're having a low-end device with some potato specification than don't worry because you can run this game in your system with good frame rates but not the best.
Where games like PUBG need good specifications to run even on low graphics settings.

Good Reviews

If a game gets positive reviews by known curator than it is defiantly worth playing, Fortnite also got good reviews because of its gameplay, well guys PUBG is king of battle royale games but Fortnite is good too, I mean the intense gameplay makes it really popular than it's competitors because their gameplay is slow paced than Fortnite.   

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