You Should Try Just Cause 3 Once

by - July 25, 2018

"Just Cause 3 Was Released On 1 December 2015"

Just Cause, when I hear this title only Grapple Hook come to my mind, but now its more than a grapple hook game, as the franchise is moving forward we are seeing too many changes from physics to graphics, gameplay to story, but Rico remains the same, I said you should play this game once because it is just different from its rivals like GTA and other sandbox titles because of its own gameplay style.

Grapple Hook

No matter you want to derail a train from tracks, or takedown helicopters with your grapple hook, all you need is a creative mind to create some amazing actions, I mean you can create many combos with grapple hook, like hanging a car on the top of a building, if a mounted gun is unable to shoot on higher range then you can grapple and pull it using your hook to the range, with grapple hook you can crash two helicopters in each other or even three.

Gear Modes

Gear modes are really fun, you can use rockets to make anything fly, turbo mode to make vehicles faster with nitro, super jump to make any vehicle jump when Indeed, and even more.

Map And Setting

Map is really huge, I mean 5 to 7 time bigger than GTA 5's map, also really beautiful, small cities in the heaven, liberating military province and too many stuff to do, jungles are just crazy looks too realistic, Wildlife makes this game setting even more beautiful, in simple words it doesn't feel empty.

Graphics And Story

Graphics are just eye-catching, colorful, and explosions are really big, ragdoll physics are not that great but still play a good role, pretty nice reflections and shadows are also sharp, anti-aliasing is not that great.

The story is also good but not great, but we won't talk about the story because it will make this post even longer.

I'll recommend this game if you love wild areas, action, flying, driving and being creative.

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