Battlelands Review

by - August 10, 2018

Hey guys, welcome to the Players Vibe, Today I've got something cute for you, yeah that's a mobile battle royale game named "Battlelands" this game is a production of "Futureplay" so guys without talking further let's get to the review.


Well "Battlelands" is Battleroyle based game, based on the concept of PUBG and other battle royale titles, all you need to do is Jump and survive on the map, via looting items like medkits, weapons and ammo etc, its like other battle royale games in terms of gameplay but the cute one, cute one ? Yeah cute one because this game is really small in size the characters are really cute, also the cartoonish graphics, animation, and  environment is just really cute, also the sounds when you jump from the sky, everything is cartoonish, by the way, guys this game can be good for your children, since it is not that violating. 

Features and Game Modes

Solo / Duo ( Online Multiplayer )

- Unlock and Customize Characters and Parachute
- Shrinking play area like other battle royale games
- Jump to your favorite location
- Such a huge map but not that huge too
- Loot armory, weapons, first aids, and ammo etc.
- Colorful cartoonish graphics 
- Level up rewards you new characters and emotes.
- Sync your progress to the cloud.
- Changeable controls ( 2 available options )

Graphics / Optimization

Well I already told you about the cute cartoonish graphics, this game looks really good in terms of visuals and the optimization is also pretty nice, you can run in any device with 512 + MB ram.

My Own Opinions

I really liked the game in terms of gameplay, I mean it neither lags in any device nor causes freezes or anything, you don't need super fast internet too, overall such a masterpiece in the mobile platform.

Ratings -

Gameplay / Story - 4.5/5.0 ( Not a story based game )
Modes and Features - 4.4/5.0
Graphics and Optimization - 4.8/5.0

Overall - 4.7/5.0

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