Darksiders Is Just A Masterpiece Franchise

by - August 13, 2018

Hello Folks, welcome to the Players Vibe and today we gonna take our conversation to the one of best fantasy based RPG franchise "Darksiders", In this article, I'll tell you why I call it a masterpiece, so without any delay let's begin.

Recently I bought the Darksiders collection on the steam including Darksiders, Darksiders 2; and Darksiders Warmaster Edition, and believe me it was the best decision I ever taken, honestly I never know about Darksiders franchise before I bought the collection from the steam, the first game is just amazing I mean one of the best hack and slash game I ever played after Prince of Persia franchise, you'll have some amazing powers, weapons, and special unlocks, also you can find the health stones to unlock extra health slots, it actually looks like Prince of Persia Warrior Within life upgrades, also the ability of upgrading your weapons and powers is just really good, the environment, setting and the story everything is just well created and if we talk about Darksiders 2 than it is also good but not that success like the first installment, Darksiders 2 contents such amazing features like picking up items, really nice open world environment, and the horse riding is just epic.

Graphics of both games look like comics or we can say cartoonish which is really gorgeous, I mean not so realistic but looks great if you take them as comic ones, also the third installment Darksiders 3 is coming this year, you can pre-purchase it on steam if you already played both older installments.

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