GTA San Andreas Mouse Not Working - Fixed

by - August 22, 2018

GTA San Andreas was Released on 26 October 2004

GTA San Andreas is the best sand box title ever created in the history of gaming, till now, many people still play it in their PCs but according to many posts on the internet, GTA San Andreas is having an issue related to Mouse in windows 10 powered PCs, So today we come up with a solution.

What's the issue?

Mouse doesn't work in the game, No matter you are on the menu screen or in game.


Well, the solution is really easy, all you need to do is downloading the right version of "DINPUT8.dll" and put into the game directory.

Detailed solution -

Step one - Download "DINPUT8.dll" from here
( Make sure you download Version only )

Step two - After download finished, now extract the file from Archive and copy it to the GTA San Andreas game directory.

Step three - Enjoy the game

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