Reasons Behind The EA Memes

by - August 04, 2018

Hello, folks, these days social media is full of EA memes, right? And many of us don't know why it is happening I mean why this much hate towards EA, so guys today I'm gonna tell you why there are too many memes about EA on social media.

Its all started in 2013 or later when EA put micro-transaction in their games, in simple words you need to pay some bucks for additional stuff like DLC, Seasons Passes and more, some people like paying for some pieces but when it comes to competitive games no one like pay to win and all stuff, EA did the same, pay some bucks to get some advantage especially in Multiplayer games, even you need to pay for map packs that are just crazy and this is the only reason people showing their hate towards EA by creating funny memes.
Also, do you know EA earned around $1.3 billion dollars from microtransactions in the year 2015, that's why people call them Money Eater.

Well guys thanking you for reading this article, if you have something else to share about this topic, do share in the comment box. 

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