RYB Board Game Review

by - August 02, 2018

Hello Folks, welcome to the Players Vibe and today we gonna review RYB Board game, which is developed by Indie Studio Alt-Hiatus Games.

Well, guys, RYB Board Game is something like chess, you'll have 9 moves and 9 empty hexagonal tiles to fill up with numbered tiles,
the higher number means higher attacking power for an example if you put a number 3 tile near opponent's number 2 or less numbered tile, You'll capture it.
All you need to do is capturing the opponent's tiles and score high.

Features and Modes

Gaming having Local Multiplayer, Single Player and Online Multiplayer modes

Here is the list of features

- Avtar Customization Is Cool

-  Achievements to unlock

- Different Time limits

- Leaderboards

- Adjust settings like Music, Camera Shake, Vibration, and more from the settings bar.

Things I've Liked

Well, guys, the concept of this game is really nice because you need to invest your mind to play, such mind satisfying and exercising game, once you understand the gameplay concept you can easily master in it.

Things That Needs To Improved

The UI needs to be improved Because it is not that eye catching, also after testing in 3-4 devices I'm having random freezes in the main menu, rest all is okay and will be good with updates.


Concept and Gameplay - 4.5/5.0

User Interface - 3.5/5.0

Optimization and Graphics - 4.7/5.0
( Graphics don't play a big role in this game so the score is based on optimization )

Overall - 4.3/5.0

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