Why Games Are Not Dubbed In Hindi?

by - August 19, 2018

Why Games Are Not Dubbed In Hindi

Every Indian gamer may have a question in his mind that why there is no game dubbed in language Hindi? even smaller countries like Germany get their own version of games but not for India, why?
So, guys today we gonna discuss some points that actually make the developers don't let dub games in Hindi.

Diversity Of Languages / More English Speakers

The first major point is The Diversity Of Languages in India, I mean we'll know that Indian states having their own state languages and not every Indian speak Hindi, even if a game gets dubbed into Hindi then only the Northern part of India will be interested in purchasing it because in Southern and rest part of parts of India, people speak different languages but not Hindi, now if we talk about English then almost 80% Indians can speak and understand English which is really a greater number than Hindi speakers, that is why games are not dubbed in Hindi language.

Okay just look at me I'm an Indian but writing the blog in English, why? because there are more English readers than Hindi.

India Is An English Country / English All Around Us

This topic may sound like the upper one but it is true that India is an English based country, why? Because People of India show their interest in English more than Hindi, our education system is based on English, labels on products are in English, Sign Boards, Billboards, Restaurant titles, etc, In simple words, English is all around us.

If we talk about the Non-English countries then they are definitely Non-English because people in those countries only speak their maternal language and give importance to it, even doctors and scientists use their own language.

Big Number of Pirates 

India has more than 500 million gamers including all platforms, but only 10-20% premium gamers? this number is really low, not buying games, is like not supporting the gaming market of our own country, and getting less revenue from such a huge country in compare with a smaller country is kinda not good for the growth of the game developers but this may or may not be the actual reason for not dubbing games in Hindi.


Dubbing a game is based on the number of people who can understand the specific language and how much revenue the developers get from the specific country.  

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