You Can Destroy and Rebuild Anything In This Game

by - August 17, 2018

Today we gonna talk about a game where you can Destroy and Rebuild things, it sounds crazy? Well, guys, this is Red Faction Armageddon, that was released 7th June 2011

Red Faction franchise is always known for its destructible environment because you can destroy most of the things,  but in the recent installment of Red Faction franchise you can rebuild things with a device called Nano Forge which is kinda fun, also you can melt metallic things with the flamethrower which is really minding satisfying. 

Hammer in Red Faction Armageddon is really powerful that can destroy even bigger structures in a couple of seconds, also you can use it in melee combat to crush your enemies, honestly, before Red Faction Armageddon I never knew about this franchise, I actually gave it a try, because I found it on my steam recommendation page, but after playing for some hours I totally fell in love with it, killing giant alien  monsters, bugs, and destroying buildings, generators and all, by the way, guys Red Faction Armageddon is set after  50 years of Red Faction Guerilla events.

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