Infinity Ops Review

by - September 25, 2018

Hello, Guys, this is Sam and you're most welcome to the Players Vibe, today I came with Infinity Ops which is a production of Azur Interactive Games Limited, it is basically a sci-fi first-person shooter on mobile devices with some good features, so guys without wasting the time let's get to the review.

Story and Gameplay

This game is set in the future, when humans surpassed the limits of technology, since we surpassed the limits of technology now we already opened the doors for other civilizations from the universe, and now they are trying to conquer our planet

well, the gameplay, UI, controls, the game in purchase options and rest all stuff are same as the World War Heroes mobile game the developers have done is replacing the classical setting into the future one like you can see in this video.

Rating - 4.1/5.0

Game Modes

Infinity Ops is only a Multiplayer shooter with a couple of modes that are listed below.

1. Deathmatch

Like we see in every other fast-paced FPS games, Infinity ops also having a Deathmatch mode, the player with the highest score wins within the time limit.

2. Team Deathmatch

It is the same as Deathmatch, the team with the highest score wins at the end of the round.

3. Hardcore

Well, it is also the same as the above once but with doubled damage, I mean the rate of damage is increased in this mode.

4. Custom Game

Create your own lobby, rules and Invite your friends to start a personal warfare.
Game Features

This game had a lot of features that I am going list.

- Graphics settings can be modified.
- Customisable controls.
- Features a jetpack like we have seen in Call of Duty black ops franchise already.
- Purchase, equip, and upgrade weapons, grenade, and gadgets.
- You can create and join clans.
- Ride tanks or Saboteur in the warfare.
- Smaller maps for better fast-paced experience

Rating - 4.3/5.0

Graphics, Animations, and Optimisation

This game is having such great visuals from the textures to the lighting, but if we talk about the optimization that I am pretty sure that the game optimization is average, a low-end device can run this game because of its modifiable graphics settings and that's the good thing about this game, The animations from walking to firing weapons looks pretty real and fascinating, you gonna experience gameplay like consoles. 

Rating - 4.1/5.0

My own opinions

Well, the game is really simple to understand, controls are easy to master, graphics are appealing, optimization is a bit bad but not that much, the purchasing system is kinda irritating and make me feel like it is also a pay to win game, you need to level up to unlock rest game modes.

Players Vibe Overall Rating - 4.2 / 5.0

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