Need For Sped Hot Pursuit Doesn't Feel Old Till Now

by - September 11, 2018


Hi everyone, NFS is an iconic franchise if we talk about the Racing games, many of us already enjoyed many of popular titles like Need for Speed Most Wanted, Underground, Undercover, Shift also the hottest Need for Speed Hot Pursuit from the year 2010, saying honestly I still play this game every day because this is the last NFS game that I actually love to play, Graphics to Gameplay everything else is just awesome and doesn't feel like this game was released 8 years ago which is almost a decade, the Gameplay, and the graphics from Textures to the Lighting and Scene details everything is just pretty nicely created and make me feel like EA games always done hard work in their games.

I like this game, because of its gameplay I mean dropping spike strips is just crazy, you can knock out your rivals via dropping a spike strip on the road, also the turbo boost gives you an ultimate speed boost that can help you when its end, EMP which is also known as electromagnetic pulse disables the rival car's system for a while, the jammer helps you to escape from the emp shots, overall I can say that Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was the best game in entire franchise after Need for Speed Most Wanted for me, I don't hate the newer one but I loved the older ones most, not because of their graphics but yeah because of their gameplay.

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