Sad Truth About Game Developers Now Days

by - September 15, 2018

Ummm ! The title definitely seems weird but ee cannot do anything about the game developers now days, they neither listen to the gamers nor they do some market research, maybe it's because all are hunger for money? People, Today we gonna talk about some facts about the major game developers, but before that Make it sure that I am just talking about my own opinions, yours can be different, so no hurt feelings, now let's get to the point.

Copying Idea's Is Their "Takiya Kalam"

We'll start understanding this point with a great example, In year 2017 Apple introduced a notch based smart phone but after some time every other smart phone manufacturer making notch based phones.
Exactly, same thing with game developers these days, PUBG came with a Battle Royale mode and now every other game developer copying their Idea with a few changes, which is not good, Instead of copying they should come up with something new to catch gamers attention.

They Don't Listen To The Gamers

This is the worst thing about game developers, they create whatever they want, no matter what gamers are willing for.

For example many petition have been created to bring Prince of Persia back but Ubisoft never given a damn to even single of them,every year they just come up with new Assassin's Creed game, gamers wanted a modern shooter from Call of Duty franchise but Activision always come up with either an ultra futuristic or a classical shooter, same with EA's Battlefield franchise when gamers asked for a world war game they never released a single game in years and now two games in row, why don't they just do some social media research? I mean they should know what gamers are willing to see in up coming title.

Pay To Unlock, Pay To Win

It was a time when we used unlock many items in games via completing a specific task or finding from the secret locations but now days there is nothing like finding secret items or anything else like that all you need to do is Pay ! Pay and Pay ! to win or unlocking characters, skins, weapons and all stuff.

Guys if you have anything releated to this topic then you are welcomed to the comment box.

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