Top 5 Most Compared Gadgets and Games

by - September 29, 2018

Hey folks, today our topic is kinda different, I'm pretty sure that you never heard about such topic before, I know it may sound kinda weird but yeah in today's article I'm gonna show you some most compared gadgets and games to each other so without wasting the time lets begin talking about the topic.

1. Battlefield vs Call of Duty

Well, both are acclaimed franchises in the world of gaming, people compare these games because of their Gameplay and Graphics, like a Battlefield fanboy will always insult a Call of Duty  fanboy with their game graphics, same with Call of Duty, A call of duty fanboy will always insult a Battlefield gamer with its gameplay and story, I mean the debet never going to end because EA games and Electronic Arts releases a title almost every year that makes gamer to compare both franchises.

2. Fortnite vs PUBG

The most trending topic in 2017 - 2018, It just not a topic its a battle of battle royale game changers, The PUBG fanboys always insult Fortnite players with its graphics, I mean Fortnite doesn't look realistic like PUBG in terms of graphics and gameplay, where Fortnite Fanboys insult PUBG players by telling them that Fortnite is free of cost and that actually make sense, you cannot expect more from a free game, well, let see how long this topic goes.

3. iPhones vs Android Phones / iOS vs Android

Oh apple, well this one is biggest topic in the field of technology, iPhones vs Android Phones.
Apple users tease Android users with theie performance and security where Android users tease iPhone users with high level of customisation and high end sepcifications, this debet never going to end because both os having their pros and cons that become the reasons of debet.

4. Playstation vs Xbox

Like iPhones and Android phones, the war between the consoles never going to end, you'll the entire social media is full of Playstation and Xbox memes, Playstation fan boys insult Xbox gamers with their exclusives where Xbox fan boys insult Playstation gamers with their Graphics, I mean Xbox now days is more powerful and Graphically impressive than Playstation, well, this debet also not going to change untill a game Changer comes to the market.

5. PC vs Consoles

The biggest debate on in field of gaming, PC gamers say PCs are best for gaming where Console gamers be like Consoles are best, but truth is that Consoles are good for Exclusives where PC is good for rest all stuff including Graphics, Backwards compatibility, Modification etc, this debate never going to end.
So guys these were top 5 topics that people usually debate about, if you know something else, then let me know into the comment box.

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