Surviving With Camping Also Need Skills in PUBG

by - October 12, 2018


Hi guys, I'm sure that when you played PUBG for the first time, you definitely tried to survive till the last by camping at same place, well, at a level, camping also need skills, I mean choosing right Places, when to move and when to act, everything need skills, now you'll ask me how it needs skills ? Ok, let me clear you with an example.

Player X is trying to win the match ( kills doesn't matter ), he jumped outside the Play zone and his goal is winning the match, now all Player X has to do is looking at the Play Zone phases, because time decrease with the increase in Phase number, so now Player X has to do is moving with the time, because he needs to reach to the Blue Zone before other players, but why before other Players ?its because he supposed to camp, and Camper need to move along with the time, and camp at the safest place so that if an enemy comes, he can easily takedown him, he must also know that when it is safe to attack because a wrong step can spot him in front of other players, after surviving till the top 10 safely, now he can easily fight with remaining players but it is also not that easy.

So the above example was supposed to teach you that, for camping all you need to learn is better time management, better understanding of attacks ( when, and how ), also patience, because some time we attack in quick run, which is not a good idea though, at the end I would tell you to decide your goal at before you jump into the Island, with goal I meant you want kills or victory.

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