The PUBG Restaurant

by - October 27, 2018

Finally its here, a PUBG themed restaurant that offers you grenade shaped salt boxes, Pochinki themed interior, Jeep shaped seats and loot box-shaped dining tables which is such a unique Idea, also, the Paint Job is really great, you can see PUBG arts work all around you, from walls to the ceiling, by the way, guys chicken dinner is real now because you can go to the restaurant during night time and play PUBG, and when you win you can have a real chicken dinner, I'm just kidding.

"I'm writing About this restaurant because this is based on a game and I'm a game blogger so it's my duty to write and review things that relate to gaming"


( B-5, Panchsheel Colony, Sushilpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019 )

If we talk about the Pricing and the Meals than guys the Prices are really satisfying, also they not just offer Non vegetarian food, even vegetarian also, Because we all have that friend who is Vegetarian in real life but  Non Vegetarian in the game, so, you can go with your squad for "Chicken Dinner Squad" by the "Player Unknown's Belly Grounds" restaurant.
The idea is pretty unique, we see fewer things that relate to gaming or based on gaming themes in India, and I really appreciate that these guys have done something good for Indian gaming community or Indian gamers, in future, we can see more Restaurant based on game themes like Call of Duty, Fortnite etc.

By the way, thanking you for reading this Article guys, if you have any question or suggestion that let me know into the comment box, also I will publish a Vlog about the Restaurant on our Youtube channel very soon.

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