Top 4 Battle Royale Games For 4 Type of People

by - October 10, 2018

Hi, I'm Sam and you guys are most welcome to the Players Vibe Gaming Network, today in this article I'll classifying 4 battle royale games according to the taste of people, but before we go further, make it sure guys this list is genuinely created by me, so, if you have any Question or Suggestion than you can put it into the comment section below, now let's don't waste the time and get to the topic.

1. Battlefield 5 for People Who Love Classical Settings

Battlefield 5 is going to release on November 20, 2018, and if you are looking for a Battle Royale game with gorgeous graphics and classical setting than wait till November 20, because Battlefield 5 definitely worth it, this game is set in world war 2, also this game includes 8 deferent Multiplayer modes to play excluding Single Player and Battle Royale.

2. Playerunknown's Battleground ( PUBG ) for People Who Love Modern Settings

Almost every other gamer knows about PUBG because of its popularity among gamers on PC, Xbox 
and Mobile platform, so, if you want hardcore battle royale game with gorgeous graphics and modern setting than you can definitely consider buying PUBG because many battle royale games come and go but it remains the hottest one.

3. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for People Who Love Futuristic Settings

Now time to talk about the people who are addicted to technology and want a Futuristic game with Battle Royale game mode and fast-paced gameplay than you can go for Call of Duty  Black Ops 4, because the Blackout is really awesome and make me feel like it is a polished version of PUBG, also this game offers some other multiplayer game modes too like Battlefield 5 which you can enjoy when you get bored of playing battle royale.

4. Fortnite for People Who Don't Care about Graphics and Setting

Well, Well, Well we finally come to the king of free battle royale games, yeah its Fortnite guys, if you don't care about those cartoonish graphics and game setting than you can definitely consider going for Fortnite because this game got not got such amazing graphics but the gameplay really worth it, you can play hours and hours but make sure you need some good skills to master this game.

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