Dead Effect 2 Review

by - November 14, 2018

Hi guys welcome to the Players Vibe Gaming and today we gonna review "Dead Effect 2" which is a First Person Shooter for mobile platform including Android and iOS, the game was developed by Bad Fly Interactive, also, it is free of cost on both platforms, now lets don't waste the time and get to the review.

Story and Gameplay

After the death of "Professor Wagner" now, this is the time to plunge into the darkness again on the colonization ship ESS Meridian, this game actually follows the story after the events of original "Dead Effect" game.
Time to talk about the Gameplay then guys the gameplay is actually similar to the other FPS games like NOVA and Modern Combat, I mean all you need to do is shooting and slashing the zombies with your guns and melee weapons.
Also, the secret codes and puzzles make this game even better, because most people love to crack them

Rating - 4.5/5.0

Game Features

Let's start talking about the features of Dead Effect 2, guys Dead Effect 2 offers you a really big single player campaign with almost 18-20 hours, also there are many key features that I am going to list below.

- Customizable Controls
- Modifiable Visuals
- Pretty Simple User Interface
- 40+ Weapons that can be upgraded
- Character development and Training
- In Game Dialogues for Impressive Experience
- Achievements to Unlock
- Supports 3rd Party Controllers
- Three Characters to Play With Different Personalities etc.

Rating - 4.6/5.0


If we talk about the Graphics or the Visuals then guys this game offers " Console Quality Visuals" on the mobile platform with HDR, Depth of Field and Amazing light effects, also, it is optimized to well to run on almost every device with having at least 1 GB of system RAM.

Rating - 4.8/5.0

My Opinions

If I talk about my Opinions or the Conclusion then guys, I really loved the Gameplay, Story and Graphics but one thing that can be improved is the control sensitivity which is pretty slow according to me even on the higher level but rests everything is all right.

Overall Rating - 4.7/5.0

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