Reflections In Grand Theft Auto V Are Pretty Fake

by - November 19, 2018

Hi, all today we gonna talk about the "Reflections" in most popular title Grand Theft Auto V, Guys, some days ago I was roaming around the world and that time I noticed that I was not appearing in any object that can reflect us.

I researched all around the game and found that the Reflections in "Grand Theft Auto V" are pretty fake, you can watch the video below and see yourself that I'm not lying, with word "Fake" I never meant that "Rockstar Games" fooled us, but yeah they used this trick to Increase game performance.

How does it work?

Well, now a question is definitely roaming in your mind that how does making pre-rendered reflection increase the game performance? Guys, it increases performance because pre-rendered reflections use less GPU and CPU power in comparison with real-time Reflections, that is why most game developers use this trick to increase game performance.

Watch this video for detailed information on this Topic.

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