APEX Legends is not a Rip off !

On 5th February, Electronic Arts which is also known as EA launched their new game in Battle royale genre that broken many records after its release.
This game captured the attention of every other gamer who used to play battle royale games like PUBG, Blackout, and Fortnite, but many gamers are complaining like it is rip off games like PUBG, Overwatch and Fortnite which is not that true, beside the "battle royale" part the game got many unique features as you can respawn your dead teammates by taking their banners to the respawn points, all the legends have their own unique and special abilities like - Pathfinder got Gripping hook etc, at the beginning of round you have to pick up your favourite legend from the list, but make it sure that one legend is available for one man only, two people cannot choose the same legend, so, it is better to decide with your squad that which one you want.

In simple words, it is not rip off any game according to me, yeah, the same genre but it is not actually copy-pasted, the game offers many amazing features that are definitely unique and polished, even the weapons and explosives are different than other battle royale games.

Unique Setting and Fewer Players

The game is set in a Sci-fi world with some great weapons and gadgets, also, if we talk about the map then it is not that big compared to other battle royale games but really great for 60 players.

Inventory, Squad mode, and Game Mechanics

I am playing this game from after 2 hours of its release and felt like the game mechanics are familiar and similar to other games but the inventory hud is definitely different, also, Apex Legends offers 3 players squad mode, training mode and one map till now.

Free Skins and Crafting Metals

By leveling up, you can earn Apex Packs and unlock new weapon and legend skins and crafting metals without paying a single buck, which is really great, but in games like PUBG and Fortnite you have to pay many bucks to get some good skins, even to unlock crates you need a key but in Apex Legends it is free of keys.

Jumping to The Battleground

Jumping to the Battleground is also different in Apex Legends, you'll jump from a battleship with an equipped jet pack, you can either follow your jumpmaster or choose to jump solo.

Voice to Text and Text to Voice

I know its not a part of the game but I loved this feature, you can use it to convert on coming voice to text and text to voice.
Just because of the same Genre, we cannot call a game copy pasted or something like that, this game captured the attention of every other game because it looks visually good, feels polished, and runs smoothly in most of the systems, also, fewer bugs and more familiar to new players.


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