Gaming is not an Addiction

"Banning PUBG In India Is Not The Solution"

Nowadays in India, parents want PUBG to get banned in the country because they think like their kids are addicted to it but is it really an addiction? Well, my answer in a word is NO, but why it's no instead of yes? All right, guys, I'll clear it, the big problem in India is that the Parents are not aware of the career in the field of gaming, they think it just a waste of the time, but I don't think it is waste of the time.

Why Gaming Is Not An Addiction?

If you think it is waste of the time then just think about Shroud and Ninja, what would have happened ? if their parents refused them to play video games? you could never see them on that level, Gaming is an interest, an activity, we cannot define it by Addiction.

For an example lets talk about a Football player who plays football all the time, Just because he played all the time will you call it addiction too? No,  right ? its a Passion about the thing you love to do, Gaming is also a hobby, an interest and an activity we cannot define it by calling an addiction.

If you're a parent and your kids are playing games all the time then you should never refuse them to play games instead you should make a timetable for them like when to study and when to have some fun, also include some physical games into their list.

In 2019 gaming is not a waste of time, you can apply for many jobs in the gaming industry like Game Designer and Developer, Professional Gamer, Beta Tester, Streamer, Game Blogger and even more.


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