Is GTA V Still Worth Buying In 2019 ?

6 years already passed since the Release date of Rockstar games biggest success"Grand Theft Auto V" but our main question is that it still worth buying in the year 2019? Then my answer is neither Not nor Yes, because my answer is opinions based, don't worry guys I won't confuse you, instead I will make you decide the right things, so now let's talk about the topic further.

Opinion one - Yes it is worth to buy in 2019

Since, we all know that GTA games are the most fun games with great stories ever created and never let us feel kinda old, like hundreds or thousands of people still play GTA San Andreas and will play forever, so if you are planning to get this game for single player story mode then you can go blindly when it is on sale because as I told you above there that GTA games never feel old, no matter in 
which year and on what age you are playing.

Opinion two - Not much worthy if you are planning to Play online.

As we all know the online segment of online games become old with years, same with Grand Theft Auto V, the online player base is dropping continuously, since, GTA is already passed more than 5 years, Gamers are now moving to other games like, Red Dead Redemption 2 and more, also, with dropping players base I didn't mean that the game is dead, actually, it won't be fun to play with higher rank Players, you'll feel tiny.
If you have friends then get it for sure, but if you are a solo guy and want to play this game Online then don't go for it, but if you still want to go for it, then wait for the Sell and get it under 15$ because in the year 2019 it doesn't worth more than 15-20$.


  1. i think it is worth it . i bought it on insatnt gaming for 10 euros its very fun even without friends you can do soooo much
    buy it!!!!!!!!


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