PUBG Mobile vs PC

Hey, guys, you're most welcome to the Players Vibe and today I'm gonna talk about PUBG Mobile vs PUBG PC, In this Article, I'll make a small comparison between both Mobile and PC version of PUBG ( Not Emulator ) so without wasting the time, let's go to the Article.

Weapon Recoil

First, we'll talk about the weapon Recoil than guys make it sure that PC version of PUBG has more Recoil than Mobile version, its because PCs have easy controls than the mobile platform, also, less recoil means more accurate the weapons will be

Spotting enemies

In mobile version, spotting enemies are easier than PC version, because, when someone fires a bullet or run nearby you then you can easily spot him on the radar by a live bullet or foot icons, where PC players need to hear the sound and identify that from where the bullets or the enemies are coming.


In PUBG mobile you'll see many bots but in PC version you'll only matchmake with real Players.

Auto Pick Up / Reload and Opening the Doors

Mobile version of PUBG have Auto Pickup, Reload and Opening the door features that make it, even more, easier to play, but if we talk about the PC version that you need to do everything on your own.

Looting Clothes and Other Items

In PUBG Mobile you can loot Cloths and other Wearables but In PC Version you can only loot from dead enemies.

Jumping From The Plane

Jumping on both version is same but in the Mobile version you can follow any of your teammates but in PC Version you have to Jump on your own basis.

Flare Gun

The mobile version of PUBG has flare gun but in PC Version the flare gun was removed long ago.

Also, if you know any thing else than let me know into the comment box, I'll publish that too with proper credits.


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