wassup, people! Today I'm gonna tell you some tips to improve your PUBG game, These tips would only work if you follow them correctly, also make it sure that I will be updating this article with new tips as soon as I learn about the game, so guys, now let's stop wasting the time and get straight to the topic.

Decide your goal

Decide the goal that you want "Kills" or the "victory" before you jump to the battleground. because deciding your goal may help you choose the right location.

With the sentence "choosing the right location" I meant, if you want kills then you will jump to the crowded places like Pochinki, Ruins etc. and if you want Victory then you'll jump to the places where you will get enough loot and fewer opponents.

Don't Rush at Looting

Instead of looting, pick up any weapon and go to the war first when you land at any crowded place in PUBG, looting will be not a good idea because this is the best time to get kills, it is the time when people are busy in looting.

Also, keep it in mind, your opponents may have the same strategy as yours

Using Shotguns and Sub Machine Guns

If you are involved in a close-range Combat situation than I would recommend you to use either any Shotguns or any SMG because Shotguns having more damage rate than any other weapons, and SMGs having much firing rate, that's why you must use these weapons if you are in close combat.

Automatic Rifles are also good but you need to learn the Recoil control first, SMGs and Shotguns are already accurate at the closer situation.

When to Use a Vehicle?

PUBG is a sound based game and we all know that you can get spotted easily if you are driving a Vehicle because it makes too much noise.

use vehicles only when you need the most, never use "Vehicles" if you are in the circle or close to the circle.

Time Is Victory

Many people lose the game even after good loot because they die of the blue circle and it is because their time management is not good, always rush ahead of the blue circle when its 30 seconds left.

Also, drink energy drinks and pain killers when you are out of time or when the blue circle already crossed you.

Bring The Fear Out

If you see an enemy, stop fearing and start attacking, sometimes random shots can be beneficial, because, it actually "penetrate" scare in your opponent's mind.

Think like "It just a game" because it will make you feel positive and energetic.


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