All The PUBG Mobile Players Are Cheaters, Here Is Why

Hey guys, nowadays on Indian YouTube community many controversies are going on related to PUBG mobile players, like the emulator players are cheaters and not playing legit, etc. So in this Article, I am gonna talk about everything that everyone needs to know about PUBG mobile.
First of all, make it sure that I am not a hater or spreading hate against any PUBG mobile player but there are many things that you need to know about them, I mean why they are too good at this game and all.

Guys, honestly I don't think any of them is pro player because there are many things that make me feel like they are absolutely cheating, not in hacker way but yeah they are cheating in a different way, if you don't know, PUBG mobile got an aim assist option that helps players to aim correctly or helps in aiming properly, but it was added to help mobile players, not emulator ones but if an emulator player uses it then it is clearly unfair, ok now tell why do they even need aim assist? When you already got the game changer mouse and keyboard,  at 2nd point They are playing a mobile game on PC which is clearly unfair, and one more thing that I have noticed, many of their viewers don't even know that they are playing this game on pc with an emulator because they are new and start playing games with the release of PUBG on mobile.

Now some people will say PUBG Emulator players match make with Emulator players only, yeah I know but around 80% of them are either newbies or with low end configuration, where all these emulator players playing games from years, also if they are really pro than come to the original battleground, I have seen their older videos and I feel like they must never call themselves pro until they play this game without aim assist on mobile.

I am wondering about one more thing that people are comparing these players with shroud and all, I mean wtf is this? Do you even know shroud never play mobile games? He is headshot god man why do you even comparing these Emulator players?

Well guys lets leave everything behind, since I said to you that I am not here to spread hate against your favorite PUBG mobile players, I just created this video to make you realise that the players you are giving too much attention are literally cheating in different manner, not in hacking way, like I already told you in the starting that playing a mobile game on PC is the first step towards cheating, so now it depends on you whether you hate them or love them its all on you, hating is not a good idea so far, just tell them to play some real competitive games like PUBG pc and show their Skills.

I don't hate PUBG mobile or PUBG mobile players I am just telling you the truth that some people don't know, even I do play PUBG mobile but the difference between me and them is " I play on mobile and they play on PC".


  1. yes it makes me sick you have a good round just to be killed by 1 shot with lvl 3 armour and helmet on they need to fix it cuz its a joke I mean why cant we all cheat then makes it pointless to play to be honest


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