Call of Duty Mobile, will it Survive?

Hey, guys recently Activision finally revealed its upcoming Call of Duty mobile game, now is available for pre-registration on the website, google play and apple app store but will it survive like PUBG? Then my answer depends on 2 conditions that I'm going to explain below.

Condition one - Make it free

After watching the trailer, I feel like this game have the potential to grow up faster like PUBG but if Activision makes it paid then I don't think people will buy it because on Android platform people will easily pirate it so it's not a good idea to make it paid, you can add "in-game purchase options" like PUBG but make it free for everyone.

Condition Two - Optimization

Optimization is a big factor in video games nowadays, make sure Activision optimize it to run on most devices with at least 3 GB of system ram because poorly optimized games die as soon as they come to the market, just look at PUBG mobile, how nicely they optimized it to run on almost every device smoothly, people want a neat and smooth experience.

so according to me if Call of Duty comes free to play with great optimization than this game can directly compete with PUBG and other FPS market.


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