Mad Max

"Release Date - 1st Spetember, 2015" "Developer - Avalanche Studio"

Mad Max is for those who love Post Apocalyptic settings, Mad Max is an open world game set in a collapsed American city "San Francisco".

Honestly, the Graphics are pretty nice and the Story is good too but Gameplay is kinda repetitive and a bit boring, also, you can customize and upgrade your vehicle with weapons and defense elements.

Driving physics are the most loved thing in the game by me, I really enjoyed playing this game for driving, looks too realistic, also, you can go for the cockpit view by pressing the V button on your keyboard.

Gameplay wise if you want to survive or regenerate your health then eat food or drink water, also, to drive long distances, keep your fuel tank full.

The environment looks pretty realistic, and the Strom is insane and dangerous, it is a good idea to take shelter before it comes.

I will recommend you to give it a try but make sure you get it on less than 5-6$


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