Gaming Stress and How to treat it?

Who doesn't love playing games for hours? expect non-gamers but there are few things that put questions on it related to health, so everyone in today's Article we gonna talk about the connection between "gaming and stress", I mean its causes, effects and how you can play healthy, All the points, conclusion and tips are based on the research that I have done on myself and many of my fellow gamers.

A few days ago I got an idea to ask gamers about their opinions on how gaming affecting their health, so I created many polls related to stress in many big gaming communities asking them "do you feel stressed after playing games" hundreds of gamers responded to my questions, so I wrote their answers into a notebook and got some conclusions that I'm going to share with you guys today.

basically, I will divide my conclusions into two points, the first one where I will talk about the positive answers or the positive side of gaming and in 2nd one, I'll talk about the negative side of gaming and at the end, I'll give you some tips to play healthy.

ok so now let's start with positive side - well guys games are supposed to entrain you, their goal is not to make you feel stressed, violent or to make you do illegal things, games are just for fun, games actually increase your way of thinking, boosts your eyesight and increase intelligence. so if you play them for fun, they are fun but if you are below aged and playing games that are not made for you, will cause mental issues in you.

so on the positive side, I just wanna tell you that playing games never cause stress or other health problems, but if you do them over a limit, it will definitely affect your health, but the main question is
if you are playing games till a limit and still it causing stress-related issues in your body than what the reasons can be? ok, this is our 2nd point where we'll talk about the negative side of gaming.

Now I am gonna talk about the negative side of gaming, before we go further first to take a look at the poll results 10% said that they suffer from stress, around 40% said they don't, where 50% said that it depends on situation, yeah that is true that stress depends on situation, but how? Ok, let me explain you.

While playing online multiplayer video games, we actually meet annoying people, who are either unskilled, rushed or annoying, these type of people actually irritate you, online video games are a big cause of stress.

we usually don't get things right like we expect and such situations cause stress, besides online games there are many more things that I am going to list,

you get angry when your game is lagging,

when you lose at the winning point,

when you are stuck at a specific level,

when your internet is not good,

when your teammates are noobs ( newbie ),

and many more things cause stress and angriness, and if you are suffering from stress caused by games you can do a few things to bring yourself back to good mood again like
you can turn off the pc and listen to some relaxing music,

you can play some relaxing offline/single player games,

you can do your favorite activities to forget whatever happened in last game season,

you can exercise for a few minutes,

play any physical game or just chill with your friends.

these things will definitely give relieve from unusual stress caused by video games, well, we'll know that everything has a good side and a bad side, gaming also has both sides.

So, taking rest is a good idea to reduce stress level.


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