Why shroud is good at aiming?

Hi, today I am gonna talk about "Michael Grzesiek" who is also known as "Shroud" in the universe of gaming, in this Article I will try to explain to you that why Shroud is too good at aiming in FPS games, also, make it sure that the things I am gonna tell you will not be limited to the shroud only, these things apply to all other good streamers and professional players too.

Guys, I know this topic may sound odd to you but I have done some research on me and some of my friends to clear the fundamentals of good aiming, I will try to explain you in little points.


First of all we'll talk about the Gears, Gears play an important role in aiming your target, hold  your keyboard and mouse in a comfortable way so that you can aim with comforts, I researched on myself, that I only play good when my keyboard and mouse are placed in right way, so make it sure that you should feel comfortable with your gears while playing video games.

Stay Stress-Free

You should never play multiplayer FPS games while you are stressed because it will directly affect your aiming senses, it will actually divide your mind from the game, so whenever you go to play FPS games, stay calm, stress free and cool, like shroud, whenever he does play games, he looks cool and stress free and that's the reason he gets many kills and that's the reason he is literally good at aiming.

Mouse Sensitivity

One thing that I'll suggest to you is "Never copy anyone's mouse sensitivity because everyone else having different monitor and different tastes, some people love to play higher and some people love to play on lower mouse sensitivity, so you should also know your taste, I mean what sensitivity levels that actually comfort your mind and hands. 


Now, let's move to the last point which is "Practice makes you perfect" yeah that's true that the more you Practice, the better you'll get. play fps games, download trainers, Practice more and more, no one knows you may become another God of Aim in the future.

Shroud is good at aiming because he plays stress free, his gears are perfectly placed, he is skilled because he plays more and more fps games that make his aim even more perfect, and at the end he knows what mouse sensitivities are good for his aim, you should also know that what gears and mouse sensitivity levels comfort you.


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