PUBG PC Lite Review


Finally after waiting long Bluehole officially launched the lite version of its trending game PUBG, so, after playing for hours I'm going to write my opinions about this game through this review so now let's talk about it shortly.

1. UI ( User Interface ) / Controls and Settings

If you ever played the orignal version of PUBG in pc then the UI will be familiar to you because it actually looks like the orignal PC version.
Controls and Game settings are also like the original version.

2. Gameplay

The most important point is the gameplay, the gameplay seems changed but how? The modified animations feel so smooth and faster than the original version, also, you can see the gun fires on the radar which is quite unrealistic in my opinion.
Also, like in PUBG mobile when you pick a attachment, it will directly added to your weapon, now you don't need to drag and drop weapon attachments.

3. Graphics

This version is not visually impressive because we all know that they created it for low-end systems, so, you cannot expect high visuals but still, it looks pretty decent.
I loved the butter smooth animations and gameplay of this version, rest everything is like PUBG PC nothing changed much.

4. Sound

The biggest problem with PUBG PC Lite is its sound, they introduced gunfire on the radar because the sound engine is not like PC version which is using the unreal engine, the sound seems so confusing sometimes even on high-end headphones, so, you won't spot enemies by hearing the sound easily.

5. Game Modes and Maps

PUBG PC Lite has some good game modes including the default ones, you can play 4v4 deathmatch like the mobile version and more game modes will be introduced by the time.
Also, If we talk about the maps than PUBG PC comes with 3 maps Erangle, Miramar, and Sanhok, the snow map may release later this year during the winter season.


Well, if you love PUBG and got the low-end system to run the original version, then PUBG PC Lite might be a good choice for you because it is same as the PC version with so new good features like 4v4 deathmatch and all.
So, I will highly recommend you to check this game out if you love PUBG

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