5 Reasons Why GTA 6 Taking Longer Than Expected

Hello everyone, In this article I'm gonna explain you that why GTA 6 is taking longer than expected, so, let's talk about it point by point.

1. Limitation of Current Hardware

Like we all know, GTA games are graphically intensive and complex in the terms of world development because their world feel so alive, In other words, a graphically intensive game that is designed for ultimate realism use a lot of CPU and GPU power which may be not possible for today's hardware, I am just talking about GTA 6, maybe today's hardware is not capable to deliver enough power to run the game that's why they are taking really long to introduce GTA 6.

2. Working On Other Big Project

Yeah, maybe they are working on other big projects like Bully 2 or porting Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC, it can also be a reason for the delay in the release of GTA 6

3. They are still making money from GTA 5

Remember? 6 years ago when GTA came out and broken many records and after 6 years it is still one of the most selling games on steam and other platforms, like we all know many people are still buying GTA 5 in 2019, even, after the release of Casino update Rockstar noticed a big jump in the number of active players.
That can be also a reason in the delay of GTA 6 release, Just think about it yourself that why would you bring a new title in the franchise when you are already making millions from the current one? 

4. Exclusivity

I saw a news about Sony who rapidly talking to the Take to Interactive for making GTA 6 a PS 5 exclusive for a limited time, if it is true then we can guess GTA6 gonna happen near the release of Sony Playstation 6, also, we can see GTA 6  bundled with PS5 box.

5. Development

Time to talk about the last point, I think the game development began too late that's why there is no official news about GTA 6 yet, maybe the developers were busy in developing Red Dead Redemption 2 that can be also a reason in delay, like we all know Rockstar Games always work on single project at same time, so, maybe it is true that GTA 6 development began in 2018 after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.


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