Saints Row 4 No Vehicles Sound Fix

Saints Row 4, Ummm, whenever I hear this word, only chaos comes to my mind, and if you're playing this game then you probably know why I'm saying like this, anyways our topic is kinda different, we won't talk about the game but yeah, we gonna talk about an annoying bug that ruins the fun, and the bug is "whenever you drive or ride any vehicle, you won't hear their motor sound", I don't know if it is a bug or technical issue with this game but yeah, you can get it fixed in really easy steps, okay now let's fix it, follow the steps given below to get rid of this issue but make it sure that these steps are tested in Nvidia graphics cards only.

The Fix -

1. to fix this issue "first go to your in-game settings and turn off Vsync"

2. After turning off  "Vsync" from in-game settings, now go to "Nvidia Contol Panel - Manage 3D Settings". here you will see two options "Global Settings and Program Settings", select "Program Settings"

3. After selecting "Program Settings" now click on the "Add" button and add your game to the menu.

4. After adding Saints Row 4 to the menu, now change the settings like shown in the picture below

5. Run your game,  and let me know your experience because it worked for me, your case might be different.