Saints Row IV Review

If you're looking for an open-world game where you're way too powerful, where the end of humanity is on the edge then this is the game you are probably looking for, Saints Row 4 is a game that is full of chaos, superpowers, and alien hostiles, this game is a direct sequel to Saints Row 3 but this time the setting is kinda different, with different I mean a sci-fi setting where an extraterrestrial warlord Zinyak has blown the earth and now our heroes "Saints" trying to save it, but unfortunately, they can't, 

basically, in this game, you gonna play in a simulated world because the real one is already destroyed, with the simulated world I mean a world created by computer programs where everything is possible, so, I hope now you got my words that how our protagonist got his superpowers.

this game is for those who have nothing to do with reality, who love chaos, and yeah who love comedy, so, if you're looking for a realistic game then don't even look at Saints Row 4  because it's not supposed to be realistic

Genre - Action, Open-World, Comedy    Release Date - 20 August 2013

Game Modes - Single Player, Co-Op       Developer - Deep Silver Volition