5 Ways to Keep Your Windows PC Healthy and Faster

Sometimes keeping your Windows-powered PC healthy is a tough task, but don't worry because in today's article I will tell you 5 easiest way to keep your system healthy and faster, but before we begin to talk about this topic, please, make it sure that this article is for people who are not tech specialist, so, now let's start talking about the tips 

1. Keep your system up to date

I know windows updates can be os breaking sometimes but still, we have to keep our system up to date because updates improve your system with the latest fixes and make your system fresh again, so, never forget to update your system, especially when you are running a modern version of windows like Windows 11 or 10, etc.

2. Keep it Clean

No, you don't need to mop your system externally, with clean I meant, keep your os clean by deleting junk and temporary files, or by uninstalling softwares that are currently not in use, etc.

Also, you can delete media files that are kinda useless and filling your system storage for no reason.

To delete temporary files

Press "Windows Button + R" on your keyboard", 

then Enter this text " %temp% " and click "Ok",

After clicking on the "Ok"  button, 

It will open the temp folder, now select all the files by pressing the "Ctrl + A" buttons and delete them all.

3. Disable Useless Programs

Some programs run automatically when you start your system, these programs are called "Start-up Programs", you can disable all these programs to make your system boot quickly.

To disable all the startup programs, you can go to the "Task Manager > Startup tab" here you can disable all the programs that are impacting your system's starting time, also, disabling programs means they won't start until you open them.

4. Stop Piracy

Pirated software and games always come with viruses and malware that can destroy your system completely, or can slow it down.

So, never pirate anything because pirating things can be proved costly sometimes

5. Don't use Antivirus Programs

In 2021 Anti Virus programs are like a car with wings which is completely useless, the same thing with Antivirus Programs nowadays, if you're not pirating anything then you don't need any Antivirus programs, 

Antivirus programs always make your system work slower and its because they use your system resources in the background, so, never use any Antivirus programs, but I would recommend you to use Internet Security software because this software prevent your system from downloading malicious tools and visiting harmful websites, so, yes, never install any Antivirus program but go for Internet Security when needed.