Apex Legends Review

Apex Legends is a free to play first-person hero shooter by Respawn Entertainment, with hero shooter I meant you can choose any hero/legend at the beginning of the match and jump to the battleground, Unlike other Battle Royle games, Apex Legends also features 60 players battle royale game mode where you can revive teammates, where you can pick up the weapon and armor upgrades, and where you can be the champion. 

Apex Legends also features an Arena mode and Limited-Time events where you can head to head with other teams, Firing range is also there if you want to practice your aim and abilities.

Every Legend/Hero has its own special abilities from teleporting to healing, so, choose your team wisely.

The best thing about Apex Legends is its fluid smooth gameplay mechanism inspired by Titanfall, so, if you're familiar with Titanfall games then you probably gonna love the combat system of Apex Legends, from sliding to jumping every action feels really smooth.

Honestly, I love fast-paced shooters that's why I love Apex Legends because it is faster smoother, and competitive, if you're also looking for a fast-paced battle royale game where you can use special abilities and revive your teammates then you should definitely check out this game, and if you're expecting realism and turtle-like gameplay then boy this game isn't for you.

Note - if you're a PC player then download this game from origin because the steam version of this game is extremely buggy

Genre - Battle Royale, Shooter

Developer / Publisher  - Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts

Release Date - 4 February 2019