Mad Max Review

Mad Max a criminally underrated game set in a post-apocalyptic environment, you gonna play Max Rockatansky who is fighting with various gang raiders in the wasteland to reach Scabrous Scrotus (Scabrous is the gang leader),

Besides defeating gang members and many other villains with your bare hands, this game focuses on vehicular combat, with vehicular combat I meant that you can use your Magnum Opus ( Max's Car ) to destroy enemy vehicles, also, you can upgrade your Magnum Opus with Performance, Visual, and defense parts, 

The visuals are really gorgeous, with amazing particle effects, great texture quality, and realistic physics, while playing this game you will definitely feel like this game was literally way ahead of its time in terms of graphics and visual effects, this game is amazingly optimized to run smoothly in almost every hardware, also, you gonna encounter many annoying bugs,

Fluid smooth combat system with progress and score trackers, you can level up your character to unlock various upgrades like armor, weapon, and all, this game won't feel boring after completing the main story because there are so many things to do in the wasteland like side quests, death races, etc.

so, if you're looking for a third-person open-world game with a batman like combat system then this game is for you

Developer - Avalanche Studios

Release Date - 1 September 2015

Genre - Action-adventure, Open World, Vehicular Combat