Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt Review

Witcher 3 is an open-world action RPG developed by CD Projekt, this game is set in a Fictional Fantasy world where our main protagonist Geralt of Revia ( who is a monster slayer ) is in search of her adopted daughter Ciri ( Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon )

The witcher ( Geralt ) can roll, run, walk and dodge enemy attacks, the combat system is fluid smooth, and responsive, you won't be disappointed for sure, besides normal combat, you can use special abilities like Aard Quen, and Yarden, etc.

also, All these abilities are known as signs in witcher 3, you can acquire more abilities and skills through your inventory but you need skill points to unlock them, you can get skill points by leveling up or through the place of power.

Crafting plays a big role in Witcher 3, you can craft various items like armors, potions, bombs, oils, etc but you need the required ingredients for it.

The graphics are literally amazing for their time and the open-world feels so alive, also, the biggest impression of Witcher 3 is its sound, the sound is just soo good, you will enjoy it more than anything else.

Also, this game contains nude scenes, so, don't even try to play if you are a kid below 18

In the end, I would say, go for it if you love fantasy-based RPGs, you'll definitely enjoy this game but if you are a competitive multiplayer video games guy then this game isn't for you

Release Date - 19 May 2015

Platform - Windows PC, Nintendo, Xbox, and Play Station