Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Review

A game set in a dark fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology and Celtic culture, this game actually lets you play the story of Senua, Senua is a Pict warrior and she is going to Helheim to rescue her dead lover's soul from the goddess hella, she gonna fight beasts, giants, and monsters in her way to Helheim, but will she succeed? well, play it yourself and find it out.

The game is literally great for people who love story divine games because the way of storytelling is great in this game, you'll definitely enjoy it, also, the gameplay is quite easy when it comes to combat but really difficult when it comes to solving puzzles, its because there is no HUD in this game, all you have to play this game by either hearing the voices or using your own senses, but trust me this game will give you an amazing experience.

The visuals are really beautiful, sometimes you'll forget what reality is! jokes apart, this game looks absolutely stunning, and visual effects are nice as well, trust me you won't regret playing this game if you are playing it to experience nice visuals only.

so, if you are planning to play this game then get it from steam when it comes to sale because you can get it for less than 5$, also, if you have a GamePass subscription then you don't need to pay even a single buck because it's available on the game pass too.

Genre - Action-Adventure 

Release Date - 7th August 2017